I call it ‘Train’ firstly for the obvious reason that all of the pictures were taken on trains but also because it evokes the idea of the journey. I live in Barcelona and started taking regional trains up and down the beautiful Maresme coast north of the city. The trains were covered in graffiti and I found the marriage of the outside reality with the window and it’s new filters to be very beautiful. The project took me about 3 months, but took a twist half way through as I was told my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The pictures suddenly took on a whole new meaning for me and I started to view the graffiti as the illness, covering and overtaking life on the outside.

Then Coronavirus came which only served to compound the feeling of illness or virus coming to suffocate. I hope these pictures can be viewed as positive because they are full of colour and hope and indeed death and illness are just a part of life. I believe we are entering a new stage of mankind’s journey, one which may bring a lot of pain but also a flowering, an opening up, a realisation that we are all in this together, on the same train…… mother is making a great recovery, hopefully mankind’s will be the same.