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photography / web design / branding

I offer website design, photography & branding for small businesses, startups and freelancers. As I fit into these categories I am aware of the demands and aspirations required. I am a photographer and a graphic designer so can offer the whole package necessary to reboot your business and have the perfect online presence…..

    “Frankie Malone comes from Ireland has lived here in Barcelona for well over a decade.  It is precisely because he comes from abroad that he probably notices things which we are no longer able to see.  This photographer and graphic designer feels attracted by harmonic compositions and he knows where to find them wherever he goes.”


    “A selection from an immersive and brooding series of abstract images of the runways at BCN, every image has value in it’s own right, and when brought together in sets, can stimulate a variety of moods and pensive observation – the symmetry, tone and graphic composition is masterful.”


    En esta serie destaca aquellas líneas y señales que apuntan a algún lugar, no sabemos dónde, y eso nos desconcierta, nos pierde y nos hace sentir allí, solos. Es tanto el misterio que consigue que mentalmente completemos la imagen para sentir que, al levantar la cabeza, el horizonte será imperceptible y no veremos más allá de unos metros. Conseguir tantas sensaciones con unas pocas líneas o señales inacabadas es sin duda un gran mérito. Otro trabajo de Frankie para aplaudir.

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