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Time to fly

“A selection from an immersive and brooding series of abstract images of the runways at BCN, every image has value in it’s own right, and when brought together in sets, can stimulate a variety of moods and pensive observation – the symmetry, tone and graphic composition is masterful.”



Travelling offers three-dimensional simultaneous perspectives on where we are, where we were, where we are going, a stereoscopic threading of all moments of time and thought simultaneously. Movement exposes the fragility of time, place, identity. It reveals the indelible link between the way we perceive and what we perceive.


“Frankie Malone comes from Ireland has lived here in Barcelona for well over a decade.  It is precisely because he comes from abroad that he probably notices things which we are no longer able to see.  This photographer and graphic designer feels attracted by harmonic compositions and he knows where to find them wherever he goes.”



This story is for my children, and all children. That they stay as free as possible. There is no greater freedom than what a bird has. The swallow in particular, as it’s speed and agility mean that they have no natural predators. As Nina Simone said ‘freedom is the absence of fear’. 


My past, my country, a place I miss yet need to be separate from.